Friday, July 30, 2010

Roast Gone Wrong!

I'll admit it: I really have next to no idea what I'm doing when it comes to cooking red meat!  I don't know anything about the different cuts of beef, how one is different than the other, any of that.  So I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to make a roast last night.  I originally intended to just put it in the slow cooker, where you virtually can't go wrong (except that everything ends up tasting like every thing else- you know, a carrot tastes like beef, a potato tastes like a carrot...) but I didn't thaw the roast soon enough for that to be an option.  So, I looked online to find a recipe...and I'm not going to link to it, 'cause I didn't follow it very closely.  Anyway, here's what I ended up with: 

Looks nice, right?  I thought so!  And I even used a thermometer to make sure it didn't get over-cooked.  So, I cut into it, and was quite rubbery.  Actually, some parts were better than others- half of it was tender, and the other half...not.  

Anyway, so now I have about half of this left over and I don't have any idea what to do with it, other than using it for a door stop (ha ha ha).  I wonder if I can salvage some of it and make it into tacos or taquitos or something???  Does anyone have any tips?  

I guess I'm sticking with poultry from now on!  :)

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