Monday, February 7, 2011

No Goals This Month

Well, I didn't link up this month with the 3 in 30 Challenge for February. I kind of slacked off on my goals last month (well, two out of three anyway). I did, however, maintain the habit of having a Bible study/prayer time before everything else. That has been amazing! I'm going through a read the Bible thru in a year plan, and it's pretty fun. Every day you read a different part of the Bible. Like Sundays, you read the Epistles, Mondays you read Historical books, another day you read Psalms, and so forth. I've only missed a couple days. I really like this plan, because I don't get stuck in the book of Numbers for a month straight and lose interest entirely. (Ha ha!)

Anyway, back to my lack of goals. I really enjoyed participating in the 3 in 30 challenge, and I like the accountability, and encouraging others to reach their goals, but I sort of kept forgetting my goals! Like the water drinking and bedroom organizing. I seriously just forgot that I had made those goals. Anyway, I'm going to try to regroup during February, hopefully get stuff around the house in a better state of organization (in general), try to get my routines worked out (I still haven't really "settled in" from the move), then, come back for March with renewed focus. Don't miss me too bad, okay? :D

What goals are you working on for this month? Comment so I can come visit you! 


  1. Regroup! Regroup! lol Don't give up. I keep fogetting too, but it's getting better each day. I figure if I make goals and don't reach them but come close, it's better than not making any at all, right? =)

  2. True, very true. I think I realized after I wrote this, that I was actually making a goal of getting my routines "worked out" as well as getting stuff in order around here. I just didn't want to complicate it by adding in more complex goals than that. It's something I should have already done. But, by the end of February, I definitely expect to be closer to making bigger and better goals! February is a month for regrouping! :)