Monday, February 14, 2011

TV at Wendy's? Yuck!

These days we don't do very much fast food. But my son had been asking for French fries, like...all day, so I decided I would surprise him with an outing to our local Wendy's for some natural cut, sea-salted fries. Plus I felt like taking a break from my recent peeling, slicing and frying routine that I started in order to avoid, you guessed it: fast food French fries.

On the way in, I spotted a booth in the corner with a conveniently located high chair for the baby. So, after we received our order (two large fries and an ice water, in case you were wondering), we made our way over to said corner booth. What I didn't see at first was the flat screen television overhead. My son sat facing it at first, and then when I realized it was there and tuned into Nick (it was showing some teen-sitcom/drama or something...according to their line-up on their website, it may have been a show called Big Time Rush?), I made him move to my side of the booth.
I purposely came into the restaurant to spend some time hanging out with the children in the non-home setting (nothing wrong with being at home, just that we're there all. day. long usually). That, and my daughter was getting really fussy with being in the van (I don't get how this happened, she used to love riding in the's like she has switched over to "I now hate riding in vehicles" mode...which is the opposite of her brother who used to hate riding in the car but now enjoys it.) 

Anyway, so we sat munching on fries, and he kept glancing at the TV, which was mildly annoying.  But the stuff that was on it (mind you I could only hear it as I was facing away) was so ridiculously inappropriate. I just couldn't believe the stuff they promote to young children...and I know it's not the teenagers that are actually watching that stuff either. It's the tweens and probably younger that are being saturated with these grown up (at least in my opinion) themes. (It was all a lot of drama about who likes who and who wants to date so-and-so. And don't get me started on the commercials! I thought people paid for cable to get rid of the commercials, but I digress).

I have no idea why there was a television at Wendy's. And why it was tuned to Nick? No idea. The only people sitting on that side of the restaurant (besides us) were seniors. I may send an email to their corporate office stating my dissatisfaction. Not that we frequent Wendy's or anything. But I can't imagine that other people want to leave their homes and come to Wendy's to watch...silly teen drama.  Anyway, what are they saying? That in addition to eating fast food, we need to watch more television?

What do you think? Any thoughts on watching television at fast food restaurants? What about children's  programming on cable networks?

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