Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome to my home...sort of!

So on some of the blogs I've been following, the ladies have posted tours of their homes.  I'm so not totally there yet...but here's a couple of pictures...there are more that I'll put up in the days to come.  But these are just a couple of recent ones I'm sort of proud of.  (Don't laugh, ok?)

Welcome to the inside of my microwave.  It's clean.  It wasn't clean last week.  It is now.   
Here's the top of my stove.  Someday I will have a gas stove.  It may not look that clean, but it is.  I may have ruined those aluminum plate thingies, 'cause I have no idea how to properly clean them. I'm guessing that they should be cleaned somewhat regularly, but that's one of my least favorite chores!  I need to get some new ones from Walmart or somewhere.  Note the tea kettle.  It was a wedding gift.  I love tea.  And the old vase I use to corral my cooking utensils.  Very handy! 

 So that's it for now.  Maybe in the near future, I'll start taking more pictures of other things around the house. 

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